by Poison Culture

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released September 14, 2015



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Poison Culture Dallas, Texas

Angry Nerd Rock band from North Texas

Manny - Everything

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Track Name: The USA Took My Freedom Away
The USA, well what can I say?
I thought we had it all
No worries and money to spend
But it's now time for the last call

Who knew I'd wake up feeling lost
in the world I grew up in
It was easier back in high school
until I realized the people wont win

They all promise change for the mass
but that's if you fill their role
They'll give you anything
If you fill their pockets with gold

The USA took my freedom away
They took it all and sent me on my way

Out of school they don't prepare you
for your trust to become undone
They expect you to lose yourself,
forget it all, and bask in the sun

You know, no matter what they say
dollar is not your friend
Some say it's okay to take it
but now you've got these laws to bend
Track Name: A So-Called Perfect Union
And the powers that be
Well that's all history
Their's a bigger story here somewhere
It's hard to tell if they even care

It's all about materialistic freedom
And the freedom to be dumb
But that's all history
The story of being free

All people care
Is about their guns and their welfare
It wouldn't hurt
to spread the love across this desert

The well is running dry
Who knows if we'll live tonight
But for now we're still alive
For now we'll stay alive

How'd it come to this?
You know I'm pretty pissed
It's hard to find solace anywhere
If I died today I wouldn't care