No Feelings Now And Never Again

by Poison Culture



To celebrate 1 year of writing music as Poison Culture. Best heard in loud volumes. Thanks for listening.


released November 4, 2014

All songs written, performed, etc. by Poison Culture except where noted.

Poison Culture is Manuel Bazaldua



all rights reserved


Poison Culture Dallas, Texas

Angry Nerd Rock band from North Texas

Manny - Everything

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Track Name: This Is The End
When you wake and find another day
You will see that this is all you have left
Don't be afraid to see what they have to say
Just stay sane and deny everything

What is life without a taste of rapture
A shot at life to go and chase the things you're after
The part of life that won't come all together
Sit down and scream "Titus Andronicus Forever!"

This is the end of you and I my friend.

In a dark place you're better of dead
It's ten passed three and you're away from home
Go out and play just like his brother said
"You can't live until you're dead"
Track Name: Taking The Piss
Oh, one more for the road
To forget all I know and let everything go
Neigh, I'm' just feeling lame
I just lost the game but I kinda feel okay

Run, run far away
Get away from me
Or help me please
Have some mercy

Huh, my brain feels numb
But the spark isn't done and I hear a faint hum
Goodbye, I never wanted to die
Or say goodnight until it felt right
Track Name: Dude
You outgrew all of your hair
No regrets, time to face your fear
Never the kind to outshine your mood
To many you came off as rude

Think about everything in bed
Don't stay awake. it's all in your head
Feelings weren't the same in the nude
Humanity gone, feeling lewd

Why can't everyone let it go?
I can't change I thought you should know
I wanted to be friends with you dude
I hoped you would feel the same too
Track Name: Blacklist Kid
I felt the city coast
For those who I had loved the most
I didn't care not at all
Set the sun, shine
Bright enough to make us all blind
I wouldn't care not at all

The tide of wind blew high
Blew high into the sky

I told you to let me go
Far away to let me grow
You didn't care not at all
Time for a fly by
Too slow and you'll stay behind
I wouldn't care not at all

Somewhere on the golden coast
Led two boys into the unknown
Track Name: I Will Always Be A Loser ( And That's Okay )
I'll rewrite everything I ever wrote in truth
And knockout my grin, tooth by tooth
To get rid of the smile I left in view

Don't recollect the feelings from that tree
Let the breeze take it to the sea
Away from this unearthly evergreen

I live with no surprises and I live with no future
I'll always be the same loser

There's no future I'll be known from
So I'll drink and drink 'til my will be done
Because for me there's no future

Shut the fuck and just hit the floor
You know there's nothing like being bored
Waste all the time you can't afford
Track Name: Summer In October
With darkness in your heart
That's where all the chaos starts
And works it's way up to your mind

With love so blind
You could never find
the happiness within you and I

I just want to pull you a bit closer
And feel the chaos in your heart
Track Name: I Couldn't Resist It
We'll withhold everything you ever got
I'm sure this won't be for very long
He's such a shy young man
And you're such a troubled young girl

(I couldn't resist it)
Track Name: Tu La Tienes
Today is the day I think of you
And take you by the hand and lead you to our special place
Our time has come to go our separate ways
But it's okay our song was made

Today is the day I feel for you
And take a hold of us but it's a little to late
Our time has come to go our separate ways
And never again meet face to face
Track Name: Kira VS The World
I can't imagine myself sleeping alone in bed
I'd rather spend my time awake with you instead
You always kept to yourself but you always stayed with me
Bouncing around on the winter filled streets

You rest assured to the sensitive smiles
That I gave your when I stayed here a while
A hug so right I had to catch my breath
I wouldn't know peace like this until I meet death

I had no idea I had found what I yearned
The soul and the delight of your being I earned
I'll keep you until the end of humanity
A numberless countdown to ease the insanity