Perdido Para Siempre

by Poison Culture



This album reflects the final state of Poison Culture

Tracks 1-4 were remixed and rerecorded completely
Tracks 5,7 were remixed with rerecorded vocals
Track 6 was remixed
Track 8,9 are new songs

Everything written, programmed, recorded,etc. by Manny Bazaldua
All at L Y F

Art by Taylor Smith of Loafers


released August 13, 2016



all rights reserved


Poison Culture Dallas, Texas

Angry Nerd Rock band from North Texas

Manny - Everything

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Track Name: Blacklist Kids
I felt the city coast for those who I had loved the most
I didn't care not at all
Set the sun, shine bright enough to make us all blind
I wouldn't care not at all

The tide of wind blew high
Blew high into the sky

I told you to let me go far away to let me grow
You didn't care not at all
Time for a fly by, to slow and you'll be left behind
I wouldn't care not at all

Somewhere on the golden coast
Led two boys into the unknown
Track Name: Dude
You outgrew all of your hair
No regrets time to face your fears
Never the kind to outshine your mood
Too many you came off as rude

Think about everything in bed
Don't stay awake it's all in your head
Feelings weren't the same in the nude
Humanity gone, feeling lewd

Why can't anyone let it go?
I can't change I thought you should know
I wanted to be friends with you dude
I hoped you would feel the same too
Track Name: Self-Loathing
Sometimes I find myself wondering if I could ever care again
You gave me everything but I kept myself from you my friend
I'll just stand here and refrain from falling hard
I'll probably stay alone until I find the shooting star

A hive mind and a liar's eyes

I picked up smoking to taste the bitterness
Society has left me with that type of emptiness
Was it ever really left up to fate?
I should probably stop self-loathing this late
Track Name: Nihilistic Tendencies
Who am I to want a loving girl?
When it's just me against the world?
All I want to be is left alone
Because this soul was meant to be stillborn

Don't try

Roaming around on this island Earth
Serenading along the side of a hearth
I can hear the fire calling now
Stay awhile and come and lay down

And don't try

Who am I to deny the voice inside my head?
That keeps telling me to give and stay dead;
Disappear and find a new name,
Because you know what? I feel the same

So I won't try
Track Name: VS The World
I'm not trying to put you down or anything
But is this really all that you have to show for?
Come on now it's been what, over 5 years?
I'm here, I'm waiting, I'm all ears

It can only be dragged out for so long
Lucky for me I was already gone

We've heard the same old songs many times
But there's a day and place for everything
Don't you get tired of saying the same old lines
That you never wrote from the beginnning

It's all the same but with a different name
Track Name: I Will Quench My Thirst
Yo quiero pistiar
Pero ya no puedo manejar

Voy calmar mi sed

Ahora lo tengo que aguantar
Mis ganas de tomar
Track Name: I AM ERROR
I am an error and I don't know which is worse
The loss of my will to live
Or the fact that I have nothing to give

Some things weren't meant to be
It might have been me
Maybe Christ could've been my way back home
Or maybe I was meant to be alone
Track Name: Perdido
Ever wish to live forever in your favorite song?
Pick the right one and maybe nothing would ever go wrong
You could bring a smile to someone everyday
Be put on repeat and never fade away

So I wrote this to you my friends
I'm not feeling well again
On the day that I'm finally gone
At least you'll have this song

Por que ando perdido